Thermodynamics solutions

Modularity, esthetics, energetic efficiency make up our equipments to guarantee, in compliance with the Ecoconception directive, thermal and air quality regulations, systems adapted to often specific installations. Compliant with EN1886, 13053 regulations.

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THERMOVER,  high performance energy recovery unit with integrated heat pump thermodynamic system
Equipped with a EUROVENT certified AARE exchanger
Plug fan EC very low consumption
CLEARMOTION™ / Double Stage supply air filtration device for High Indoor Air Quality
MODBUS communication
The THERMOVER unit can also produce hot water for sanitary use (optional hydrolic kit).
Flow rate from 600 to 5 000 m3/h

THERMOVER,  high performance double flow air handling unit with active energy recovery and thermodynamics reversible system for office and industrial buildings.
Its direct current EC motor meets the ErP/2009/125/EC directive.
The EASY control system, with an integrated digital display, communicates in MODBUS RS485.
The THERMOVER unit can operate in a constant pressure or constant flow mode. The choice of the modulation is done on site, while starting up the unit.
Associated with our WONDEROOM zone controller, the LOBBY constant pressure air flow modulation ensures the multi-zone implementation in the building, which is insured to be energy performant.
The  FEE function enables an optimum management of temperature at any season, in an autonomous and automatic way with the EASY control system. Accordingly, the FEE function ensures energy savings above 40%.
The MUST and GENIUS versions of the THERMOVER unit are designed to ensure production of hot water for sanitary use. As an option, a high performance hot water buffer tank (200, 300 or 500l) can be offered.
This very low consumption econological solution meets requirements of the ErP2009/125/EC directive, RT2012 energy savings criteria and principals of buildiing active efficiency (EN 15232).
Variable speed rotary heat exchanger is EUROVENT certified.
Tests are validated by CETIAT, according to EN13141-7 et EN14511

Very low consumption econological solution meets the ErP2009/125/EC directive requirements, RT2012 energy savings criteria and active efficiency building principals (EN 15232) Rotary exchanger with variable speed, EUROVENT certified Tests validated by CETIAT, according to EN13141-7 and EN14511

PLUG&PLAY, each THERMOVER unit is designed, manufactured, tested and preloaded at our factory

To be easier to handle, the THERMOVER unit is deliverd in 3 modules.
The THERMOVER unit has access doors on slides with nuts, a technical compartment with lateral fixed panel integrating the local padlockable switch, the IP54 LCD control display and the power cable gland.
F7 filters are on slides and tight shut-off dampers are with aluminium blades sliding in opposite directions
An indoor or outdoor installation is possible with a prelacqued RAL 7035 metal sheet rooftop.
A standard,  the THERMOVER unit is delivered for an installation with layered in line air flows.
The THERMOVER unit can operate in a constant pressure or constant flow mode. The choice of the modulation is done on site, while starting up the unit.

Access to the internal elements is done by the front panel, looking at on the right of the supply air flow, except for batteries which are accessible by the rear panel